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COVID-RESIST Food Facility Risk-Assessment & Mitigation Tactics 

1. Do you have a written Crisis-Management Plan and a multi-disciplinary Response Team? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

2. Is the plan based on hazard identification and risk factors (likelihood vs severity)? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

3. Does the plan address disease outbreak or pandemic? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

4. Have you reviewed or assessed the plan within the past three months? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

5. Does the plan include mitigation or contingency details? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

6. Is the plan centered around the 5 P’s (Premises, Processes, People, Procedures, Products)? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

7. Does the plan include steps for corrective action and method for handling potential deviation? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

8. Do you monitor and document all corrective actions and risk-assessments? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

9. Is there a method to verify the adequacy/effectiveness of the plan and corrective actions? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐

10. Now, you’ve a plan - has your team been trained to execute the requirements of the plan? Yes ☐ Somewhat ☐ No ☐



Score 90% - 100%: You’ve all the tricks against to protect your food processing facility against the coronavirus. Keep it up!

Score 75% – 90%: Time to re-evaluate and upgrade your plan to FSR Group’s COVID-RESIST Plan.

Score Below 75%: FSR Group can help you build your COVID-RESIST Plan. Do not risk it! Do not get caught plan-less.


FoodSafetyResource Group has been working with partners

throughout the food supply-chain from Coast to Coast, helping to mitigate

the risks pose by COVID-19, while assuring the health and safety of food workers,

contamination-free processes and safe food product distribution.

Our COVID-RESIST Plan includes comprehensive Risk-Assessment; Team-Focused

Training; Nuclear Cleaning/Sanitation; Seek-&-Destroy Environmental Monitoring;

24-Hour Microbiological & Pathogen Testing; Automated Record-Keeping, etc.


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